Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sir Cook, The Knight? by Erik Mortensen

Title: Sir Cook, The Knight?
Author: Erik Mortensen
Illustrations: Laura Harrison
ISBN: 9780978202651
Publisher: Crackjaw Publishing
Pages: 97

I had asked for this book of fables from
mini book expo to read and review. I received it last week and found it perfect to read during the 24 Hour Read-a-thon.

This book is based in the medieval age and is about Higgins , who is a cook. One day he finds himself umemplyed and sets off to find work for himself with his newly bought mule. Only the mule is too smal to carry all his things. After a while Higgins devises a plan to carry his cookware. He ties his baking trays on his persona, puts the cooking pot on his head and carries knife like a sword at his waist. For that he is mistaken to be a knight. He being a honest person denies it but no one is ready to listen to him. Meanwhile, he meets Randall, a conman, who devises a plan to con the King of Dryuban. Higgins resist but circumstances become such that he has to agree! So both land up in that city and despite their best efforts to con, they end up doing all the bravery stuff they were NOT supposed to do!

Higgins might only be a cook but he is one intelligent person. He does not like conning at all. Randall has no such qualms. However, they make a great pair. Here they get to kill a dragon, save another kingdom and in the process find themselves rich. All their plans to con turn disastrous! Finally Higgins is recognised for his cooking and is very happy for it.

This book is a satire in a way. People will believe what they want to. No conning is necessary for that. With wit and humour, this book made a good read. I laughed all the way to it. I would call this book a riot! And as the author says, meant for reading aloud! And my copy goes to my 11 year old nephew. Yes, this book can be read by both children and adults. There are illustrations, which are really very good.