Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Good Person Guidebook: Transforming your Personal Life by Richard Bayer

Title: The Good Person Guidebook: Transforming your Personal Life
Author: Richard Bayer
ISBN: 9780944054161
Publisher: The Five O'Clock Club/2008
Pages: 274

I received this book from Lisa Roe of

Book Blurb: What type of person should you be? What should you do when faced with a decision of ethical importance? Those are the two key questions that everyone should answer, and The Good Person Guidebook helps you answer them and:

  • overcome suffering
  • learn the true meaning of love
  • develop the character traits that will make you happy and fulfilled

I usually do not read or review self-help books. This is one of those. Here the author tries to answer two great questions that arise out of ethical theory. Those are:
  • What type of person I should be?
  • What should I do, given a decision of Ethical importance?

Bayer has dealth with these in an ethical way. He quotes from the well known religions and tries to make us understand the essential good in those. The use of quotes throughout makes it a good read. I sailed through those very fast. The questions at the end of each topic too makes us ponder over what we had just read.

I wouldn't say, I would follow it through and through. But reading it was not so bad. My mom liked many of the quotes. She liked the book more than I did.