Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Dog About Town by J F Engelert

The Sunday

Title: A Dog About Town
Author: J F Engelert
ISBN: 9780440243632
Publisher: A Dell Book/2007
Pages: 271

Randolph contacted me via email asking me if I woul like to read this book about him. I have never been offered a book by an intelletual dog before. I had to say yes. Randolph sent this and the next in series too. I am very glad to know Randolph and his master, Harry.

Randolph lives with Harry who is his master now, by default. Harry's missing girlfriend Imogen is the owner of the dog. He has inherited his love for the printed word from his mistress. Both Harry and Randolph miss Imogen and try to cope with it in their own ways. Randolph is aware that he has to protect Harry from any harm.

Harry, an artist before Imogen's disappearance now dabbles in occults, maybe to learn about her. Somehow in the midst of this a murder occurs. Randolph whose sense of smell is astounding, senses that Harry is in danger. He goes about teaching Harry what's going on...

Randolph loves poetry, he can quote from great many books that he reads when no one is there. He can sift through smells consisiting of various emotions....anxiety, greed, fear and much more. He is funny too unlike Harry. At sometimes, we can't make sure who is the master here. They make a great pair. As the story is told from the point of view of the dog, it works very well here. With wit and humour, Randolph manages to charm us. As a mystery, it is not much but as a dog book, it works very well. I am looking forward to read the next one, A Dog Among Diplomats.