Saturday, October 11, 2008

Short Story Friday: Don't Stop Now by Al Riske

After reading Disappointed by Al Riske, I never thought I will read any of his stories again. Frankly, you can deduce from my review that I did not understand it at all. By his own admission, Al Riske too did not understand it either. Just check out his comments that post of mine. However, he emailed me asking to read Don't Stop Now.

So here I am writing about it after reading the very short story. It is about two teenagers apparantly on a date. They are both seventeen in the summer of 1972.

"We spread a blanket off to one side of the boat launch, under some trees. Island Lake, in Shelton, Washington, is surrounded by small private homes, and this is the only public access. Since it's still early in the season and the homeowners tend to take the lake for granted, there are no boats or skiers out.

It's 1972, and we're both seventeen."

The story flows in conversations between the two. From the conversations, one can see that the girl is more matured in her thinking than the guy. She also knows what she wants. The guy is uncertain and unsure about almost everything. Even their relationship. Or maybe I missed the whole point in this very short story too...*grin*

Al Riske shows promise in this short story. That's all I can say.