Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Kings of Innocence by Michael Burns

Title : The Kings of Innocence
Author: Michael Burns
ISBN: 0979706815
Publisher: Tucket Publishing/2007
Pages: 218

What led you to pick up this book?

I won it in a giveaway from Sandra of Fresh Ink Books

Plot summary:

Roy McCrath has come back to his hometown for two weeks to look after his brother Bobby as his parents are off on a Vacation to Ireland. Here he rediscovers his bonding with his childhood friends. Each one of them has some issues to deal with. Roy finds that he is not alone trying to cope up with life. Jay and Mark are doing the same. Jay gets involved in local mafia becos of a gambling debt. Mark, a police officer is in a dilemma how to save the situation. Mark and Roy try to reason with Jay but with no avail.

What did you like most about the book?

The friends stick to each other and are fiercely loyal.

What did you like least?

Jay's girlfriend, Lauren, who is two-timing him.

What did you think of the writing style?

It could have been a little better. At few places, I felt it lacked conviction. Still, it is a coming of age novel and depicts the dilemma faced by many youngsters of the present times. Most of which is about job, money and relationships. One has to get a hold on those. One ought not lose touch with reality. It is a one time read, good while it lasts. Don't forget to pass it on to a youngster in a similar situation. My copy goes for my 22 year old niece.