Saturday, December 31, 2011

Books Read till date in 2011

December......(4) 66

4) To Desire A scoundrel by Tracy Summer
3) A Scandalous Past by Ava Stone
2) True North by Mary Force
1) Ryan's Return by Barbara Freethy

November....12 (62)

12) The Best Of Me By Nicholas Sparks
11) A Fair of the Heart By Stacey Joy Netzel
10) Wild Justice by Liz Fielding
9) Not What She Seems Victorine E. Liske
8) All's Fair in Love and Seduction by Beverly Kendall
7) A Fair to Remember by Stacey Joy Netzel
5) The Fairy Tale Bride by Kelly McClymer
4) Shades of Honor (Grayson Brothers)
3) I'll Be There by Deborah Grace Staley
2) Heart of a Knight by Barbara Samuel

1) Simmer All Night by by Geralyn Dawson

October.....13 (50)

13) Here to Stay by Debra Webb
12) Twice a Rake by Catherine Gayle
11) A Scandalous Past by Ava Stone
10) When Night Falls by Margaret Daley

9) Without A Word by C. Kevin Provance
8) My Sister's Voice by Mary Carter
8) A Hint of Rapture by Miriam Minger

7) Just The Way You are By Barbara Freethy
6) Lady Deception by Rizzo Rosko

5) A Husband for Margaret by Ruth Ann Nordin
4) Maddy's Oasis Lizzy Ford

3) A Bride for Tom by Ruth Ann Nordin
2) Sold to the Highest Bidder by Donna Alward
1) Highland Blessings by Jennifer Hudson Taylor

September....3 (37)

 3) Lonely Millionaire by Carol Grace
2) The Inconvenient Duchess by Christine Merrill 
1) The Frenchwoman by Barbara Paul

August...2 (34)


June----4 (32)

4) The Bride's Baby by Liz Fielding
3) Silent Partner by Jennifer Chase
2)  The Nesting Dolls by Gail Bowen 
1)  Other Eyes by Barbara D'Amato


10) The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly(CF)
9) The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger*
8) Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson*
7) Room by Emma Donoghue**
6) His Lady Mistress by Elizabeth Rolls
5) The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress by Lynne Graham
4) Married by Mistake Abby Gains
3) Speed Dating by Nancy Warren
2) Homespun Bride by Jillian Hart
1) The Wicked House of Rohan by Anne Stuart

April (10)....16

10) Wrecker by Summer Wood**
9) The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie
8) Baby Bonanza by Maureen Child (e-book)
5) A Very Special Delivery by Linda Goodnight (e-book)

6) Blue by Lou Aronica (e-book)*
5) Once a Cowboy by Linda Warren (e-book)
4) The Brides' Baby by Liz Fielding 
3) Irresistible Forces by Brenda Jackson (e-book)
2) Slow Hands by Leslie Kelly (e-book)
 1) Slow Ride: A Rough Riders story by Lorelei James 

March (2)...6

January (4)

4) Blood Over Badge by Wayne Farquhar ((Crime Fiction, Suspense/Thriller)
3) Dead Head by Rosemary Harris (Cozy Mystery)
2) Silent Kill by David Fingerman (Crime Fiction, Suspense/Thriller)
1) Blood of My Brother by John LePore (Crime Fiction, Suspense/Thriller)


Unknown said...

I've read... umm..


I read too much.

Tea said...

I'm reading an ebook now. Want to spend more time with my Kindle. Good books.

fredamans said...

I also read Blue by Lou Aronica... good book.
Happy May Reading!

Gigi Ann said...

I've only read 9 books in April, but I've managed to read 45 books so far in 2011.

Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

April was a mediocre reading month for me. I'm so glad everyone seems to be reading and enjoying Wrecker!!!

Alyce said...

I think you've had a great month of reading for April! It looks like you're having a lot of fun with the ebooks. I'm just starting to get into ebooks more.