Thursday, December 22, 2011

Booking Through Gifts

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Any books you’re hoping to get for the holidays this year?
How about giving? Are you giving any good ones?

I will not be getting ANY books as gifts unless I have a fairy God mother, which I don't have. No one is keen to buy books for me. I wish there was someone out there who did that and gifted me ALL the Jo Nesbo novels, published till date.

I have bought a lot of books for my nephews, nieces and friends. 


Anonymous said...

You need to put up a wish-list and when people ask what you want for Xmas point them in the direction of said list. That, or say everyone should get you book vouchers so you can get them all for yourself. ;)
Here’s my Booking Through Thursday post. :)

DawnTreader said...

I bet people think you've already read everything! You'll have to do what I do and buy some book gifts for yourself ;)

Beyond the Lone Islands

bermudaonion said...

I think there are books under our tree for everyone but me.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get some books under your tree.

Melissa Wiebe said...

I think a lot of heavy book readers are in the same boat and every year I get a little disappointed, unless I ask for a specific book. Here is my BTT.

Anonymous said...

Since everyone thinks I have more than enough books no one buys me any either :(