Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekly Geeks: Extra Hour for reading

How you find that "extra hour" to read on a normal day?

Right now, it is difficult for me to answer this. I am not able to read anything at all. This reading slump is not leaving me. Half of November is almost there and I have not read a single book. Hope I snap out of it but it is not happening.

But there was a time, when I could read at any time. If I found even a few minutes, I spent that reading. It did not matter where I was. I could even read in the midst of crowds simply by shutting out the noise by immersing myself in reading.


Nise' said...

I turn off the TV or leave the living room to get an extra hour of reading. Sorry this slump has been such a plague. Hang in there!

The Crooked Bookshelf said...

i just read whenever possible whether I'm traveling, eating, waiting.. Just bout anytime.. i got a good phone with some cool e-Reader applications and its helped out a lot..

Deepali said...

I stay up way to late just to read..
it is better now with my new job, I have a longer commute, so I get two hours a day while on the road

Christopher said...

I am so lucky! I live just north of Los Angeles and take a train to work. I am able to read on my train in the morning, at lunch, and then on the train home. This give me almost three hours a day when I've my nose in a book. I always arrive at home quite relaxed and in a good mood, and willing to cook the evening dinner. How's that, eh?

My name is Chris, I am a biblio-holoc!

Cheers! Chris

Kerrie said...

I don't know what to suggest to get you out of the slump Gautami. Just give you my best wishes I suppose. My post is here

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think reading slumps like writer's block get worse when I worry about it. For me, it's okay to respect those rythmns of body and spirit. Right now I'm reading "Cutting for Stone" and know I want to finish it but it just seems to be dragging for me so I find other things to distract me. I've had luck before taking a break and immersing myself in a really mindless love story--maybe Debbie MacComber or someone like that. So maybe a change of genre is called for. Hope it gets better Gautami. Victoria