Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Salon: Issues with embedded comment box

Lately I find that I am unable to leave comments on those blogger blogs with embedded comment boxes. Either it takes too long to load or it doesn't open at all. And even if I comment, typing those word verification takes a lot of my time. To leave a comment, I have to click three or more times. 

I don't see any point wasting so much of a comment-ers time. If you want others to visit you and leave comments, make it user friendly. If not then, I suppose that is your loss. Because I am not going to waste my time clicking again and leave a comment.

I have the same issue with intensedebate and such likes. I dislike typing my email each time I comment and then that captcha verification....

Thought I would say it here again although I did a post about this a few months back.


Harvee said...

Not sure if mine is embedded or not. I'll have to check! I also have the same problem with making comments. It takes so long!

Nise' said...

I agree! Embedded comments are time consuming and those with word verification make it even longer.

kel said...

I'm feel the same way.. I have to go check my sites now and make sure its turned off!

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