Sunday, November 21, 2010

TSS: Tintin and Red Rackam's Treasure by Hergé

Title: Tintin and Red Rackam's Treasure
Author: Hergé
ISBN: 0316358142
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company/1991
Pages: 64

Continued from The Secret of the Unicorn, this album introduces Professor Cuthbert Calculus, who is very deaf but so ingenious. Thomson and Thompson too join them in the treasure hunt. 

With rollicking adventure they do find the Unicorn but no treasure! However, in the later part they do find the treasure in an unexpected place. 

With the usual humour, Tintin and Captain make a great team. Professor Calculus endears himself to us and we can never tire of Thomson and Thompson's stupidity. With beautiful art work, this album to, is a keeper like all others.

And at least, my reading slump disappeared for a while!


bermudaonion said...

Sometimes you just need a book like this! My son loves Tintin.

ds said...

I loved Tintin as a kid, and Red Rackham's Treasure was one of my favorite episodes. The books had been made into cartoons and I watched every chance I got.

Thanks for the memory--will have to find and read this! (piratical "Aarrgh!")

Veens said...

I think I have never read TinTin extensively.
My husband loves Astrix and asks me to read it... :)

And I read Calvin and Hobbes lol!