Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Wolves' Keeper Legend by Sylvia Weber

Title: The Wolves' Keeper Legend
Author: Sylvia Weber
ISBN: 8781843864998
Publisher: Vanguard Press/2009
Pages: 238

Book Blurb:

From the beginning of time, it seemed that rivalry between man and wolf was at the root of man’s dislike for the animal, discovered only too well by Sealgair. Was his fate forever to be condemned to isolation, to see terror and hate in the eyes of the ones he once loved? All he could see in his mind was the last picture of Awena’s beloved face, which he carried in his heart for all his life.

Was the only way out to discover the special secret held by the papyrus-pearl in the stone pot - what secrets could this hold? And which stone pot could keep that precious secret when there were so many of them?

Seanns’ quest to find the pearls and uncover the secret ended with tragic consequences, resulting in him not only discovering the truth of his birth and who his real mother and father were, but the realisation that his father lived among the wolves.


It took me a while to get into the book. It began in a narrative style, which was hard to fathom at times. However after 50 pages, the book bgan to grow into me. It is about a boy Seann's who does not understand what makes him love those wolves or why does he like Awena, a woman, who is lost in her own world and cannot recognise anyone. He feels love for her as much as he does for his own mother. He knows she is in some kind of a inner prison and he longs to release her. He along with his friend and an old shephard undergoes that journey, which is dangerous but has to be undertaken.

His affinity for wolves is revealed to him but it shocks him so. For all his 13 years, he comes to possess a wisdom, which isn't understood by most. This novel is written with fantasy elements. And is very atmoshpheric too at times. It does drag at times but the magic of the book manages to hold it to a certain extent. I expected a better ending but under the circumstances, it does make sense. One can't help love Seann's, Maise, and Awena.

The evil magician keeps Awena and Sealgair separate but he too can't get Awena's love. Love can't be forced. It has to be given out of own's free will. And it can't be killed either no matter what. The wolves might be the enemies of men but they too know which human is to be trusted.

Received this book via Pump Up Your Book Promotion’s July Authors on Virtual Book Tour. Thanks Tracee!


BurtonReview said...

Interesting plot here, thank you for the review.

Sylvia said...

Dear Gautami, thank you very much for your review. It is very interesting. The story isn't finished; I wanted to leave a door opened to further happenings - like Seanns meeting his parents once more. I think your challenges are very "funny" and I'm very curious to see the answers.

Anna said...

Hmm...sounds interesting, but I'm not sure it's my cup of tea. I'll keep it in mind though. Thanks for the review.

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The Bookworm said...

great review, this does sound like an interesting book.

Anonymous said...

great review, I'm curious about this book now.

As for word verification, yeah I hate it too. I don't have it only because wordpress has an anti spam plugin and works like a bloody charm. Haven't had a lot of that cruddy spam stuff :)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, that sounds like a fascinating book. (So onto the wishlist it goes.)

Maude Lynn said...

Sounds fascinating!

ibeeeg said...

Sounds intriguing. I am going to put this on my TBR list.