Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Canadian Book Challenge 3

This year too I am joining in The Canadian Book Challenge hosted by John Mutford.This is one of two challenges, I join and try to complete.

I do have few books lined up for it. Out of 13 books to be read, I have those book ready in hand as of now:

1) Claudia's Shadow by Charlotte Vale Allen
2) Lives of Girls and Women by Alice Munro
3) A Bird in the House by Margaret Laurence...more than halfway through
4) Blasted by Kate 1/3
5) The Wolf's Head by Peter Unwin....already started
6) Hoodoo Sea by Rolf Hietzer
7) The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny


bermudaonion said...

Good luck!

Scrap girl said...

Good luck with the challenge. I may try this next year when I don't have so many other challenges to finish.

Teddy Rose said...

Yipee, I'm glad your doing it again!