Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Meaning of Me by Emmett Wheatfall

As I take to toil in hand
The finer points of pen
Deeper I delve
Into the meaning of me


I shall call to it
And it shall come
The meaning of me
It shall come

Emmett Wheatfall
Title: The Meaning of Me 
Author: Emmett Wheatfall
ISBN: 9780983723141
Publisher: Reflections Publishing House/2012
Pages: 98

With a cover as poetic as this, one can only expect the best of poetry. Emmett Wheatfall does not disappoint us on any account. I could connect to his poetry despite being in another part of the world, having different cultural values.

His world becomes ours because the journey he takes to find the meaning of me, is what we are seeking too....in the way of life, race, religion and the metaphysical. Somehow it all blends in with the physical world that we live in.

The poems are simple enough but with depth of meaning. In the despair, one can still find pleasure. That is what he teaches us. Beyond Me reached out to me. 

I have read this book of poetry many a times and will continue to do so. Thanks to Emmett Wheatfall for sending this book of poetry to me.


I am trying to catch up with my 2013 reviews....


Beth F said...

I don't know why I rarely read poetry.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

The cover is very pretty, but I don't read poetry sadly. Thanks for participating and enjoy.

Kim@Time2Read said...

I'm not much for poetry, so I'd probably give this one a pass.
Here's my mine...

Gigi Ann said...

I love poetry, that is if I can understand it. And yes I would read this book.

Unknown said...

I don't normally read poetry, but this opening is very good and I think I would enjoy this.

JoAnn said...

Beautiful! I should really read more poetry.

Harvee said...

Nice to be introduced to a new poet. I am trying to discover me too.
Book Dilettante

Paulita said...

The cover is lovely. Enjoy. Here's Mine

Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I do enjoy poetry, but seldom read any books of this type lately. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

Unknown said...

I also think I should read more poetry, my husbands wrote poems as a young man. The cover is indeed beautiful.

kayerj said...

what a lovely beginning! kelley—the road goes ever ever on

Yvonne said...

I don't usually read poetry but this sounds like a good book.

fredamans said...

Beautiful prose! This seems to be a poetry book I would love.