Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Sunday Post/Sunday Salon: Hectic times ahead

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Another academic session is over. We bid farewell to the outgoing class. Hope they do well in their life. I have been teaching for 22+ years and it is still tough to send the girls into the unknown world. We do not shed tears the way they do but we feel sad. Every time. But that is what is life about.To prepare them to face the world, to accept changes and move forward. 

Our annual examinations commenced on 22 Feb, 2014 and go on for more than a month. That means evaluating papers, tabulating data and finally results. Very hectic month. 

What did I achieve reading wise in the past week? I read three novel. Two of those are chunksters (400+ pages). I have finished 30 books from start of Jan 2014, and on my 31st. I am happy with that. Let's see how many I read in March. But I know I will have slow months later in the year 

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Becca said...

I was always sad when I sent my little ones off to Kindergarten at their new school even. I would consider whether they would take my lessons to heart or not. I can only imagine sending the girls off into the world to make it on their own!

28 books for the year is so great! I am at 19 right now.

brandileigh2003 said...

Great blogging and reading week :)
I can't imagine sending students on after the class is over, very brave!

Harvee said...

I hope those students keep in touch! Like sending children off to college in another state/province! Good luck with the March reading. Very impressive reading so far!
Book Dilettante

Unknown said...

30 books since the beginning of the year, way to go!!!
Thanks for stopping by at my SP

Unknown said...

3 book in a week, that's really good, and all that whilst still being busy at work. Have a wonderful week.My Sunday post is here

Greg said...

30 books so far, wow. That's great. Watching the kids move on must be a bittersweet feeling, but I'm sure you have prepared them well. Hope your week is a good one.

Bea said...

I am impressed with the amount of books you've read and I imagine you'll slow down with the testing and everything coming up.

I am always sad to say goodbye to my classes every summer. We put so much time, and so much of ourselves, into each class and then we turn them loose and hope for the best.

Be kind to yourself over the next month and good luck.

Yvonne said...

30 books is excellent!

End of the semesters can be sad and sentimental.

Hope you have a great week!

Cyn @ Bookmunchies said...

Yay, 30 books is amazing amount! Happy reading.

Cyn @ Book Munchies (:

Book of Secrets said...

Wow, 30 books is impressive, especially if a few were chunksters! I'm on #14 or so.

Michelle @ In Libris Veritas said...

Wow, 30 books in two months! That's really amazing.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine how hard it is to send your girls off into the great unknown every year.
You are an inspirational reader this year. I love that your reading mojo has returned :)