Monday, February 24, 2014

Musing Mondays: Unintended Consequences by Marti Green

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I am highlighting the following book this week.

Unintended Consequences by Marti Green

Nineteen years ago, George Calhoun was arrested for murdering his daughter after a body was found burnt beyond recognition in the woods. His wife testified against him and he was convicted by the jury. All his appeals are exhausted now and his execution is few weeks away. 

George has always denied murdering his daughter but without any proof or support he never had a chance to defend himself. He has remained silent except for saying he was innocent.

Dani Trumball is an attorney for the Help Innocent Prisoners Project. She is contacted by George Calhoun to save him. There is no time and his execution is six weeks away. She wants to believe that he is innocent. Forensic evidence never pointed out that it was his daughter.  NO DNA test was done. But whose body was it if not Angelina, his daughter? What really happened to his daughter. George Calhoun tells Dani an incredible story. This makes Dani determined to verify it and save him, if possible.

The story is so real and believable. Dani is in a dilemma. She has a sick son and there is not much time to find out all the truth. But her husband is very supportive and it makes her determined to take this case.

George Calhoun remained silent for nineteen years. What really happened to his daughter? What was his compulsions? Why did his wife testify against him? Why did his lawyer not insist for a DNA test? Why did the judge consider his wife's testimony enough to indict him? The novel answers all these and much more. It also speaks eloquence about a father who can go to any length for his daughter. Even to the extent of being considered her murderer. 


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This sounds like a fascinating book.

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Sound like an interesting book. Mixed Book Bag

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This looks like one I'd love!