Thursday, February 23, 2012

Booking Through Blogs

btt buttonWhat do you look for when reading a book blog? Does the blogger have to read the same genre? Do you like reviews? Personal posts? Memes? Giveaways? What attracts you to a book blog?

I look out for good analytical reviews, the redaers own views. Those don't have to of the same genre. I like a mix of reviews, personal posts. I like memes too. Not much for giveaways nowadays. 

I like uncluttered book blogs which only has book related contents.


Anonymous said...

I agree with keeping a blog clean and not about a lot of bells and whistles.

Unknown said...

I try to be the blog I want to read. I like reviews of interesting books that try to say something interesting. I like a few more personal posts now and then. Sunday Salons have become a favorite pastime.

bermudaonion said...

I like it when the blogger's personality shines through.