Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Salon: Birthday week

This post is not at all about books and reading. It is going to be a rant, which will fizzle out as you read along.

2011 has not been good so far reading wise. I am reading VERY slowly. There are many reasons for that, a mix of my mood, work and other factors. But I am not really bothered about that. I am also receiving a lot less books. That does not bother me as I have too many unread books. 

Anyway, this post is NOT about books. It is about my birthday, which was on 22 March. Except for my  mom, youngest brother and his family, and facebook friends, everyone who is an important part of my life forgot my birthday. That includes my older two brothers and a few of my closest friends. I really felt hurt for a day or two. I make it a point to remember their birthdays, anniversaries etc etc, and how could they forget mine? But they did and that is that. I did not receive any gifts other than from my mom. 

Today, I invited my younger brother and his family for lunch. We did have a good time. He and my SIL gifted me a pair of  oxidized Silver Bangles! I wore those throughout the lunch! That is WHAT made up for my week! I should have modelled the bangles on my wrist!


Kristen said...

Sorry your birthday wasn't better. :-( I think it's hard for people to remember that even for adults, birthdays are a pretty big deal and while we might not require cake and balloons and party hats, we still want to have it acknowledged. It is, after all, the one day a year when it's all about us!

serendipity_viv said...

I am hoping my birthday passes by very quickly as I don't really enjoy them. But happy birthday to you for this week.

Nise' said...

Allow me to wish you a Happy Belated Birtday. I am sorry that some forgot. I am the one in the family to remind everyone about an upcoming birthday.

Mason Canyon said...

Sorry your birthday didn't turn out better. Wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday. May the coming year bring joy and happiness and make up for the bad day. The bracelets were pretty.

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Robin M said...

A belated Happy Birthday! Sometimes you gotta make a big deal out of what you want for your birthday. That way it reminds some folks who have a hard time remembering. Birthdays and anniversaries weren't a big deal in my hubby's house growing up. I had to teach him they were. Go buy yourself something really grand. *hugs*

Nan said...

Happy belated birthday! Those bracelets are great!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Happily, I play guitar which I just happen to have right here.


Here goes:

I've had a few of those sad little birthdays. Here's to next year's delightful one!

Here's my Sunday Salon post for this week. I hope you will stop by and
say hello.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! The bracelets are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

It seems some years no one remembers my birthday and some years everyone, including people I haven't talked to in years, remember. Sorry this was a down year for you, but I bet next year is better!