Saturday, March 12, 2011

Anything Goes On Saturday - Blogging, Facebook and Twitter

"Anything Goes on Saturday" is a meme hosted by Yvonne of Socrates' Book Reviews. It's a chance to choose any topic you want and talk about it on Saturday - it can be about a book, TV show, movie, a recipe or just an update on your week. Whatever you choose. 

Here I would like to ask something. Most of us have Facebook and Twitter accounts. We network via one or maybe both, in addition to blogging. I, for one, use Facebook to keep in touch with my old school and college friends. I don't twitter. I do have a account but never post anything, i.e., do not twitter! I find it a nuisance. Who is really interested in what I am doing every second of my life?! Nor am I interested to know anyone else's! And I have found people posting about when their dog/cat poo-ed etc etc. Is it what we have come too? Why should want to know that? 

Blogging for me is important. It keeps me in touch with books, or poetry. And about people who are like-minded. I would prefer blogging to Facebook/Twitter any day!

How about you? What interests you most? Blogging, Facebook or Twitter?


Yvonne said...

I blog and have accounts with Facebook and Twitter. Blogging is definitely my preference because it keeps me in touch with the reading world that I love so much.

I do use Facebook, but mainly I use it for games. I never even update my status.

I have an account with Twitter, but I only update my status for book giveaways. I agree with you - who wants to know everything I'm doing every second of the day?

CMash said...

Blogging is first and foremost with me. I do have both FB and twitter accounts but only post items there that I feel are important or that I want to reach an even wider audience.

Nise' said...

LOL - I agree, I don't want to publish my every minute nor do I want to read about it, (probably because of my age?). I do have a FB mostly to view friend and family's pictures that live far away. I do have a twitter account but never use it. As most have said, I prefer blogging.

kavyen said...

Blogging is my first priority. Like you mentioned I do have a twitter account that is barely.

I facebook a lot too but that is to keep in touch with my old friends and family.