Monday, November 23, 2009

Crime Fiction Alphabet: Frantic by Katherine Howell

Title: Frantic

Author: Katherine Howell
ISBN: 9781405037976
Publisher: Pan Macmillan/2007
Pages: 282


From Kathrine Howell's site:

In one terrible moment, paramedic Sophie Phillips’ life is ripped apart – her police officer husband, Chris, is shot on their doorstep and their ten-month-old son, Lachlan, is abducted from his bed. Suspicion surrounds Chris as he is tainted with police corruption, but Sophie believes the attack is much more personal – and the perpetrator far more dangerous...

While Chris is in hospital and the police, led by Detective Ella Marconi, mobilise to find their colleague's child, Sophie's desperation compels her to search for Lachlan herself. She enlists her husband's partner, Angus Arendson, in the hunt for her son, but will the history they share prove harmful to Sophie's ability to complete her mission?


We want to find Lachlan just as much as Sophie, who is beyond consoling. Can anything be worse than death? Yes, disappearance of a child comes under that category.

The whole of police force is looking out for him but Sophie has lost faith in their ability. She sets about finding him, at one point going over the edge.

For a paramedic, saving lives is so important. If someone dies, they have to face the wrath too. Sophie knows that and is frightened by what could happen to her son. Who kidnapped him and for what purpose? With Chris in hospital, she has no one but Angus to turn to. Can he help her? Does he help her? How far can they go to save that child? The line between right and wrong blurs. Are Sophie's means justified?

The novel is fast paced, keeps us on edge. It is very difficult to know who took that child and why? What is the motive? Does Chris too has something to hide? Katherine Howell has a lot of potential. She does well with keeping our interest alive.


Anonymous said...

Gautami - Thanks for sharing Frantic with us. It sounds like a suspenseful novel! It sounds as though there are also interesting subplots, which can be compelling.

Bernadette said...

I might be biased because Katherine is a fellow Aussie but I like Frantic too.

Kerrie said...

I'm glad you liked FRANTIC Gautami. Did you have a problem in getting a copy? Thanks for taking part in Crime Alphabet

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Very scary cover picture! Good review, thanks!

Anonymous said...

This one has been on my tbr list for so long I had forgotten all about it. Thanks for reminding me why I wanted to read it!

Veens said...

That's something I really won't want to read!

Dorte H said...

Thank you for an interesting review. Between you, you and Maxine have really made me curious.