Monday, November 16, 2009

Crime Fiction Alphabet: The Dead Room by Heather Graham

Title: The Dead Room

Author: Heather Graham
ISBN: 9780778325208
Publisher: Mira/2007
Pages: 379

The book opens with an explosion where Leslie's fiance Matt Connolly is killed and she is injured. Even a year later, she can't get over it. She is an archaeologist and immerses herself in work to forget him. However, now she is capable of seeing and talking to ghosts after that explosion.

On the behest of her boss Brad, she returns to lower Manhattan, the site of explosion to investigate a newly discovered burial ground. She finds restless spirit roaming the site, who are trapped there in time. Leslie stays in the Hasting House, the place where the explosion had taken place killing Matt with three others. She is not afraid of the dead. She can see ghosts but she can't see Matt. Yet he visits her in her dreams, giving her clues of the explosion and trying to protect her from harm.

Joe, Matt's cousin is investigating the disappearance of a very famous social worker. Their paths cross and both sense that is something sinister going on. Leslie can feel the evil in her bones. By the day, Joe protects her and at nights Matt comes in her dream. She does feel a pull towards Joe, who looks so much like Matt. Are they able to save her from the evil?

The Dead Room is fast paced, has that element of mystery and undying love which is beyond comprehension. The world of living and dead merges here at one point. Very suited to the story. The ending might disappoint a few but I thought it was perfect.


Marce said...

This sounds interesting. How many books do you get through a week?

Kerrie said...

Thanks for this Gautami.

Bernadette said...

Oooh this is an author I haven't tried. Sounds like she's worth checking out so I will have a look at the library.

Veens said...

Sounds like a good one Gautami!