Saturday, September 6, 2008

Short Story: Blue by Yuvi Zalkow

I found this story on One has to be logged to read the full story. I am providing a link of that here. This is the story of the week. I read this for Short Story September being conducted by CB James. (Do click on the links for more details about the challenge)

Blue: A Story by Yuvi Zalkow

Here a man sees a woman across the street with clear details and without any thought goes to meet her. He observes a lot of things about her. She too talks to him and takes him to the bowling alley. Without any thought he follows her.

The story does not have much in the sense that you have to get inside both their minds. And interpret how you like. Why does a man go to meet a woman who is a total stranger? She looks past him. She does not give him any kind of signals. So what makes him go to her? How does her name affect him? What fascinates him about her? Why does not ask her motives when she takes him along to the bowling alley?

It is a very short story and it can take our thoughts to many directions. I thought I would share it here, with you all.