Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Short Story: Time, Again by Tim Maly

Another short story read for Short Story September Challenge. This is the 31st one. A bonus read!

"Before we met, you showed me your diary and then we were having sex on the wooden floor of your living room. I still remember the way the plants filtered the sunlight and the sound of the tea kettle building up steam. Then our son was at the foot of the bed, asking me where you'd gone."

Time, Again by Tim Maly defies description. It is short short story. One feels timeless reading this. One wants to what period of time is the protagonist talking about. It seems like a dream. Yet it is not. One wants to know about this time which can't be described. And what does Time, Again means? Maly has created magic with his words. A delightful short story which has past, no future.

"There's nothing I can do. The future is just as real as the past. There is no before or after anymore. Because of you, there never was. "

We weren't meant to live like this."

A story meant to be read. Click on Time, Again and read on.........