Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Dog Among Diplomats by J F Englert

Title: A Dog Among Diplomats
Author: J F Englert
ISBN: 9780440243649
Publisher: Dell Book
Pages: 305

This is second book by J F Englert concerning the dog, Randolph. He and his master, Harry are now sought to solve a murder in Manhattan. Randolph does not like it one bit becos he senses that Imogen, Harry's fiancee who had disappeared a year back, is somehow involved in all this. She is implicated for the murder.

Randloph tries to solve it in his own way. He surfs the net, reads books, and also acts as a therapy dog for a mentally depressed diplomat. He misses Harry but can't do a thing about it. However, he utilizes his time by exploring for clues in the diplomatic circles. Randolph has a tough task. Of protecting Harry, clearing his mistress' name and catch the murderers. He does it all with great aplomb.

I liked it as much as I had like A Dog About Town. The very thought of a dog solving mysteries appeals to me. These books make good light reads.