Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Artificial Imagination by Kalpanik S.

Title: Artificial Imagination
Author: Kalpanik S.
ISBN: 9780981476216
Publisher: Center of Artificia Imagination/2008
Pages: 163

I received this book from I had read this book long time back but got to write a review only now. Frankly speaking, this book is not easy to review. That is not to say, I didn't enjoy reading it. On the contrary.

Kalpanik S. is an artificial imagination software program who lives with his wife and two daughters in the United States. Despite being a software programme, he has been solely created to be different, to feel and be like a real human. This book takes the reader through adventures of Kalpanik.
Artificial Imagination is a humorous and well-written book. It has some great photographs. I enjoyed the book although it is written very differently from what I usually read. I would recommend it for all science lovers! However, it is not a book meant to be read by all.