Friday, November 7, 2008

Short Story: The Tattoo Woman by Mark Richardson

I read Tattoo Woman by Mark Richardson online on the author's behest.

“You have five tattoos?”

“Yes, I know, crazy. I thought I was immortal. I have to wear these long sleeves at work,” she said, lifting both arms.

She had none when he had known her 10 years back. Now she seemed to have many. Was Stacy the same woman he had known? Andreas was not very sure. When he went to her apartment and saw her fiancee's photo, he felt rage and smashed it with his hand. She had left him 10 years ago and he still did not why. She had written letters to him without posting any of those. Now he looked at those yellowed letters and ha confuse feelings.

In this short story, we see conflict in both their minds. Regret mixed with lost love. Can they rekindle it?

Richardson's writing holds interest. It might not be a perfect story but it is not trash. One can look forward to read more short fiction from him.