Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Teaser Tuesday: The Nesting Dolls by Gail Bowen

The Nesting Dolls (Joanne Kilbourn Mysteries)We were with the girls in seconds. “What’s going on?” I said.

Gracie was the first to speak. “That woman just gave her baby to Isobel.”

Title: The Nesting Dolls
Author: Gail Bowen
ISBN: 9780771012754
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart/2010
Pages: 336

It might sound strange but, this 12th Joane Kilburn novel is my first. Although it might appear that some parts are missing but It is a stand alone one. Here she is married to Zack Shreve, and they are both happy with her adopted daughter Taylor. With Christmas around the corner, everything looks bright and happy. But a young woman enters their life, and leaves her infant son with Isobel Wainberg, Taylor's best friend, and disappears. Everyone is looking for her wanting to know her motive of leaving the baby boy. But she is found dead, after being raped. No one has seen her in the vicinity, and no one knows who she is. 

It turns out that she was the daughter of Delia Wainberg, Isobel's mother. Zack, Delia, and Noah, are old college friends, yet Noah and Zack do not know Delia's past. The baby is much loved by all and Delia is anguished to find her long lost daughter dead. Abby has left the baby in Delia;s care but Nadine, her partner to wants the child. Zack is representing Deila and Joanne thinks Nadine too deserves a chance. 

The novel sometimes gets off the mark but it has a good pace. The complications of relationships is well depicted. And the suspense holds good till the end. I liked the title and the characters. Another good crime fiction novel!!


Shelley Munro said...

Wow, that's not the sort of thing you'd expect. Are you enjoying it?

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Tea said...

Now why did she give her baby away?? Interesting.

Karen and Gerard said...

Interesting teaser. Wonder who Isabel is, one of the girls?

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Yvonne said...

Ooohhh..this sounds really interesting. Great teaser! Mine is here

Marce said...

I want to know more, the cover and teaser doesn't sound your norm so you have me totally intrigued.

I have 2 for Tues


Book Dilettante said...

Intriguing tease! Wonder what Isobel is going to do! Here's my teaser: Blood Trust

Aisle B said...

Back up the truck... She gave her BABY AWAY??

Now try explaining that one to me???

Margot said...

Why would someone give a baby away? I'm curious about this one. Sounds like a must-read.

My teaser is here: Quirky Girls Read

Book Bound Musings said...

Wow, that sounds interesting. I'm curious now!

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