Tuesday, June 7, 2016

POETRY: The Couple Who Fell to Earth by Michelle Bitting June Blog Tour

The poet has taken the everyday experiences into a different level. While reading one can visualize those but long after, it leaves such a mark that is beyond the mundane. One is left wondering at the words. The present day trials and tribulations give rise to such beautiful poetry. We all have such things happening in our lives but poetry coming out of it is a revelation.
The conscious and the subconscious merge at some point...the poetry
out of it, leaves the reader in a trance. 
Just read the following poem and you will know what I mean....

The Goods

It’s the corporeal feelings
I crave the most: aridity, lust,
their aches’ redaction, love-weariness, 

kiss-quest, falling in bed again 
when loneliness breaks a sweat 
and we mount a horse 
called faith borne 
on this wheel of March, 
charge and stamping heat 
of the noble night 
that will carry us, 
tongue and thigh 
entwined and shuddering 
against our own coming history. 


We all have such kind of feelings and emotions at one point or the other. However, we don't know how to describe those feelings.....and to understand those is even harder. The poet has done that. She has given us a piece of ourselves. If one knows what I mean....

It is not THAT particular couple who fell to Earth. We did too, with them....and what a grand feeling that is....


Serena said...

I am so glad that this one resonated with you and that you enjoyed it. Thanks for being on the tour.

Suko said...

I am also on the tour for this book, which just arrived. (I haven't opened it yet.) You've certainly whetted my interest in it. Wonderful post!