Friday, June 13, 2014

Book Beginnings: Shoveling Snow by Brett Sills

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"....And, oh yeah, your mother can be a real asshole," Ben's father said, like he forgot to put it on a grocery list. A simple aside. Just like that.

Title: Snoveling Snow
Author: Brett Sills
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services/2014
Pages: 225

Each of the four main characters in this novel, is running away from his/her problems in one way or another. Each one of them of them needs to figure out how to cope with the devastating pitfalls of life, and face it as bravely as one can. 

Ben has grown up in a cold place and in his adult life he moves to a warmer place. However, as soon as he faces problems in his relationship, he runs away to a cold place to escape from it all. His landlady's daughter, Smoof is only 10 years old and is not an endearing child at that. She is bitter about life and always stays away from people by her attitudes and actions. One of her teachers, Rose wants to get close to the child but Smoof does not let her. Smoof's mother Maggie is so much wrapped in her grief that she forgets to take care of her daughter.

All these people are brought together and although Ben tries to stay away from Smoof, slowly he is drawn into her world. Interacting with her, he comes to terms with his own life and knows that he has to go back. But tragedy strikes and Smoof needs him in her own way.

Three adults. A child. An independent child. Brett Sills has written a beautiful novel about relationship, choices and consequences of those choices. The writing is uncomplicated and flows beautifully. It is not a fairy tale but a very real story of loss, fear, anger, forgiveness, acceptance, letting go and moving on.


Sandra Nachlinger said...

I enjoy stories about complex and real relationships, so this sounds like a book I'd like. The opening would definitely keep me reading!
Here's the link to my Friday post: STELLA IN STILETTOS.

Juli Rahel said...

I'm all for complex relationships but I do believe parents should not blacken each other in their children's eyes. It leads to complications! Great choice though! Thanks for stopping by :) I hope you enjoy your weekend!
Juli @ Universe in Words

Keira @ Lazy Book Lovers said...

I'll have to check this out. Sounds like a story I would love to have on my shelf. Thanks for sharing!

Keira @ Lazy Book Lovers

JC Jones said...

Sounds like all of them have more problems than they should.

Unknown said...

sounds like a wonderful read! Happy weekend

Elizabeth said...

ENJOY...I love the cover.

THANKS for sharing.

Silver's Reviews
My Book Beginnings

Catherine @ Book Club Librarian said...

That opening really got my attention. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Gautami,

Words said like that from father to son, certainly makes you sit up and take notice, even if for the wrong reasons ...

Both this and the author's other novel, seem to be very complex and involve complicated relationship issues, however I have found that screen and script writers, such as Brett Sills, tend to write pretty good novels, so this one is heading for my TBR pile.

Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend,


Tea said...

It does seem like a beautiful story about relationships.

Page said...

Well, first off, the beginning made me LOL. Definitely my type of humor.

I really am interested in the story. Children are amazing and terrifying creatures. I definitely can see how one headstrong, independent child could affect so many people. Nice pick; adding to my TBR.

Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate said...

Shoveling Snow sounds inspiring from the description. You can easily tell the relationships are complicated from the beginning. Thanks for visiting me @ The Key to the Gate. Have a great weekend!
Happy Reading,

Maura said...

what an eye opener opening ~~

thanks for the comment on my post!!

Maura @ Ya Addict

Cheryl said...

Sounds interesting. Thanks for visiting The Busy Mom's Daily.

guiltlessreader said...

Tell it like it is! :) Happy Sunday, Gutami!