Friday, June 20, 2014

Book Beginnings: Jaspar's War by Cym Lowell

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"POCK!" The distinctive sound of a plastic bat driving a Wiffle ball into the outfield triggered shrieks from children as they ran and played. My ten-year-old daughter Chrissy dropped the bat and raced toward first base, actually a luminous orange Frisbee.

Title: Jaspar's War
Author: Cym Lowell
ISBN: 9780991491308
Publisher: Rosemary Beach Press/2014
Pages: 339

Jaspar Moran's husband's plane crashes and soon after her two kids are kidnapped. All this is tied to the economic plan of the country. Jaspar is desperate to find her children and she meets a native, Nulandi,  who is assigned to help her along with his dog, Alice. He teaches her how to protect herself and also to kill if necessary. 

Jaspar's War is a thriller where a mom does everything to get back her kidnapped children. The pace is good and the secondary characters are interesting. Yet I had problem reading reading this. Too much violence and needless killing of innocent people. And animals. That got to me. I read crime fiction most of the time. I love thrillers. This too is one which one has to read from start to finish. But I did not love the novel. 


Harvee said...

Too bad about the violence. That bothers me too and could spoil a good thriller.

Katherine P said...

I like the beginning but I don't think the violence particularly on innocent people and animals makes this something I want to read. I don't mind it in general especially when it involves people who are connected with the story but too much can definitely sour a book for me.

Claudia {Sparrowhawk} said...

Wow! Just read the blurb, talk about a thriller! I'm such a scaredy cat when it comes to this genre; thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend! :)

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Tea said...

I just finished this one. Hope you like it.