Friday, March 7, 2014

Forbidden Love by Karen Robards

Ivor barely had time to register the identity of his assailant before Justin was hitting him, his fist slamming with satisfying force into Ivor's face. Justin felt bones and flesh disintegrate under his hand, and smiled savagely as he repeated the blow.

Forbidden Love by Karen Robards

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Forbidden Love by Karen Robards

Megan Kinkead has always been neglected by her guardian, Justin Brant, 6th Earl of Weston. He seldom ever goes to meet her in school. In the 12 years that he had been her guardian, he has seen her only a few times.

When he sees the 17 year old Megan, he can't believe that she is same scrawny brat from hell who has now turned into a fiery, raven-haired, violet-eyed beauty. He is attracted to her but keeps telling himself that she is his ward. Now Megan has always adored Justin and feels no wrong in touching and kissing him. That is their undoing. She finds out that he is married when Alicia, his wife turns up....

Megan leaves for London with his wife to flirt with other men for revenge. Justin can't bear it. She tells him that she is getting married to a young lord. Justin does not like it and kidnaps her. On the way she tells him that she is pregnant with his child and has to marry as soon as possible. He takes her to one of his villas in a village and leaves her there and turns up to marry her after a few months. They end up fighting and she runs from him, falls down and loses the baby. Grief stricken Megan totally ignores Justin...

Karen Robards has made the story interesting despite the fact that our hero is married. Being attracted to his ward bothers him but Megan is least bothered by the fact. However, she is devastated to find him married. The novel is filled with angst. Of both the hero and the heroine. I must say, Karen Robards knows what she is doing. 


Juli Rahel said...

Wow, this sounds pretty intense and violently passionate! I think I'm quite happy my life isn't that exciting and drama filled! Thanks for sharing :) Hope you have a good weekend!
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Bea said...

I enjoy Robards' contemporary romantic suspense but her historical romance has never worked for me. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

sherry fundin said...

I have read some of Robard's books and I prefer the suspense but will read anything she writes. Thanks for sharing. My post:

Sandra Nachlinger said...

This sounds like a really good book. It reminds me a little bit of the old movie "Daddy Long Legs" (Fred Astaire, Leslie Caron).
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fredamans said...

Pretty graphic but I like the that. Sounds like its very well-written!

Happy weekend!

guiltlessreader said...

Eeek. Romantic suspense? Sounds very edgy, not sure I can take it ;)

Vonnie said...

Oh my goodness! That's awful! I hope that person deserved that punch.

RuthB said...

Karen Robards is one of my favorites. I read a lot of her books.
Great choice

Ricki Treleaven said...

Bad Justin! I haven't read any of her romances yet. THere have been a few romances for this week's Friday 56. Maybe I should pick one up!