Friday, March 28, 2014

Scandal's Child by Sherrill Bodine

“You cannot seek love, you cannot consciously decide to love. Instead love finds you and pierces your heart before you even realize what’s happening.”

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Scandal's Child by Sherrill Bodine 

Kat Thistlewait's twin brother Jacko and younger sister, Mariah are making their society debut. Kat is told by godmother, Lady Tutwilliger to behave as a proper lady as the Thistlewait siblings are always getting into trouble. 

When Jacko does not turn up for his debut, Kat dreses up as a male and goes looking for him. She turns up at the inn he has been staying and the inn keeper, mistaking her for her twin brother leads her to Jacko's room where she falls asleep waiting for him. French nobleman Jules Devereaux, enters that room by mistake and undresses to sleep. Just then Lady Tutwilliger enters that room with Jacko's friends and Mariah. 

Found thus, Jules Devereaux offers to marry Kat. Lady Tutwilliger recognises the Frenchmen  and is delighted with the match. Kat is not keen to marry him but goes along with the plan. 

I liked Kat, her twin Jacko and Lady Tutwilliger along with Jules Devereaux's step grandmother Sybilla. Best part was Kat impersonating Jacko and killing the villain in a duel. There are too many characters but the fun element remains intact till the end.


Ricki Treleaven said...

Wow, that's an Awesome quote for Friday 56!!! :D

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Vonnie said...

What a great quote about love!

Cheryl said...

What a beautiful cover. And that quote is so true. Thanks for sharing.

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fredamans said...

That is so very true. About 7 months into the relationship the now hubby says, you love me don't you?! I just looked at him, because I didn't know it then. We've been together over 13 years. :-)

fredamans said...

PS happy weekend!! :-)