Monday, September 17, 2012

Crime Fiction Alphabet: R is for Rosemary Harris

She leaned in. "How many men do you know who can move their fingers and push in and out at the same time?"
~Page 201

Title: Pushing Up Daisies
Author: Rosemary Harris
ISBN: 9780312943721
Publisher: St. Martins/2008
Pages: 288

Paula Holliday, a television executive in New York City quits her job and moves to Springfield, CT. She wants to turn her interest in gardening to a career. She gets her chance in the restoration of the gardens of a property left to the Historical society, by Dorothy Peacock. She knows it will either make her or break her.

While digging, she discovers a body of a baby, which seems to be very old. The local authorities, thinking it would bring bad name to the Peacock sisters, drop the case. But Paula can't. She finds too many loose ends to rest. 

Then one her helpers is arrested for attempted murder of a old lecher. She knows Hugo is innocent although the local police does not believe her. She has a friend in an aging rocker, babe who owns the greasy diner in that place. There is this mysterious Mexican labourer and more secrets tumble out. The list of suspects include the local congressman, and his gin drinking mother. With more interesting characters thrown in, Paula has a field day unearthing all the town's deeply buried secrets. In the way, she makes a few enemies too. She also solves a 50 year old case.

With varied mix of characters, a good town setting, long buried secrets and of course a past and a recent murder, this cozy mystery is also filled with wit. It has great gardening tips too, for the gardening lovers!!


Peggy Ann said...

Oh I love 'old murders'! Thanks for a new author!

Anonymous said...

Gautami - Harris writes such fun novels! I liked this one and The Big Dirt Nap. I'm glad you've profiled her.

TracyK said...

I had not even heard of this author before, but I love that title and the skeleton hand reaching out. And I love gardening altho now I am too busy reading and blogging to keep up with it. May have to give this series a try.

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

ooh I like that it has gardening tips and a mystery! Plan to check out this author.

Peter Reynard said...

I have heard of the author but never ventured into the gardening cozies. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the review.