Thursday, September 29, 2011

Booking Through Loud

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1. What do you think of reading aloud/being read to? Does it bring back memories of your childhood? Your children’s childhood?
2. Does this affect the way you feel about audio books?
3. Do you now have times when you read aloud or are read to?

I don't like reading aloud except maybe to small children. I have not explored audio books till date for that very reason. Maybe someday, I might change my mind.


Amy said...

I agree. I only read aloud to my daughter, and mostly skip audio books if free time allows it. :)

bermudaonion said...

I don't think I'd want just anyone reading to me, but I do enjoy audiobooks. I haven't read out loud since my son was small - I'm not that good at it.

Cackleberry Homestead said...

I like reading aloud to my son but only certain books, I just get too tongue-tied with certain ones. I do love audiobooks though. But it took me awhile to get use to listening to them. I'm not good at listening to others read though.

Here is my BTT for this week.

Trish said...

i don't mind reading to children & I like when they read to me. AND I have enjoyed a couple audio books in my time!


Anonymous said...

Just have not been able to get into audio books myself. I try once in awhile. Something for long drives would be great.My BTT

Anonymous said...

Children love to be read to, I am not much into audio books myself.

Christopher said...

On long drives I enjoy reading aloud to my wife as she drives. I think she enjoys it too. We've not tried any audio books, although that seems like a good idea too. I think what's kind of nice about reading aloud, is the ability to stop--mid-stream--and talk about what you've just read/heard.

My father read to my siblings and I as children, and that kind of "oral tradition" is one that is still comfortable to me.

I think I might like to try an audio-book on my next solo road trip. Good topic! Cheers! Chris

Bev Hankins said...

I'm not big on audio books either. An occasional one is okay. Here's my full answer:

Anonymous said...

Jason and I have read books out loud together and I've enjoyed the special time. I can't wait til I can start reading books with Gage.
I do love audio books. Sometime they can actually make the book better!