Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BBAW: Interview Swap with Serena Of Savvy Verse and Wit

In the previous years, I used to interview myself. But this year I decided to take the plunge and after enrolling in BBAW, I got myself a interview partner. She is Serena of Savvy Verse and Wit. So without much ado, here I go, first with her blog header:

1) I like your blog name. How did you think of it?

I toyed with a lot of different names for my blog.I wanted the blog name to signify its content, which I hoped would be writing, reading, and a bit of humor.
Being a poet, I always loved verse and I love the word Savvy, so all that was left was Wit. It is really not that great of a story to tell. Kind of lame, right?!

2) Does your family know about your blog? Do they read it?

My husband has an email subscription I set up for him, but he doesn't read it really, just glances at it.  That's a whole other story for another day.  My dad has a subscription and does the same.  I've told others about the blog on Facebook, but I'm not sure if other family members read it.  Many of them are not big readers or writers, so I doubt it.

3) What is that makes you happy about blogging?

I just like to write and this gives me a daily reason to do so.  I love reading and talking about books, so the blog is a natural fit.  I do like seeing comments, especially comments about the book I'm reviewing or the author I've interviewed.  However, I wish there were more discussion during the Virtual Poetry Circle on Saturdays.

4) You know I am an Indian, who lives in Delhi. Have you read any Indian authors? Blogged about it? Please do mention it..

Hmm...Indian Authors...I honestly don't pay attention to nationality. These are some of the authors I've read from other nations:  Nafisa Haji, Kamala Nair, Sweta Vikram,Thrity Umrigar. However, I'm not sure all of these women were natives to S. Asian nations like India. I really prefer good stories, no matter who writes them.

5) Now that you have a baby, how has it affected your reading and blogging?

O goodness. Having an infant changes everything, but once you have a routine, it gets easier. However, you have to be prepared for those days when the routine is just not working out because that will happen whether you want it to or not. I generally read at night after she's gone to bed or on my one day off when the hubby is home to watch her all day, which is either Saturday or Sunday, depending on his work schedule. There are those occasions when we both have time to do other things when she's sleeping during the day, but she's pretty active and awake during the day most of the time. Blogging happens late at night or on my lunch break from work.

6) One last question, I know you read poetry. Do you still write it? Can you share something with my readers? 

Writing poetry has been tough.  I haven't been inspired, which might be partially related to my lack of sleep.  I can share part of a poem I'm still working on, but remember its a very rough draft.  Thanks for having me, Gautami!

Coffeeshop by Serena M. Agusto-Cox

Bag slung over shoulder,
plopped onto wooden chair.
I drag the laptop out, place it on the table.
Flipped open, blank space,
blinking cursor waiting,
waving, staring at me.
My fingers tap the keys,
the table, my thigh.
Run up and down the side of my leg,
waiting for words to flow
free from my brain through nerves
into my fingertips tapped out on square keys.
When words fill the page
My mind is afire, passionate,
eager to type the next phrase and see the new world.
Creation dripping like espresso into my mug.

Next I post a picture of her Family. She was kind enough to share it with us.


Now to check out my answers, for her questions, go visit her here!!


Serena said...

Thanks so much. This was a fun interview!

Julie P. said...


I can so relate about the family members. My sister reads my blog but that's about it. Oh well!!!!

bermudaonion said...

I can't imagine keeping up a book blog after having a baby. Serena rocks!

Serena said...

Julie, yes, I've tried to get them interested. Mom doesn't read the blog, but she shares books with me, so that's good enough for me.

Kathy, it's tougher than I thought it would be, but Cris has been very helpful. I appreciate that.

Roof Beam Reader said...

Great interview - you're right, this is a fun process, and it's nice not just to be involved but to travel around seeing what others came up with.

As far as Indian authors: highly recommend Salman Rushdie!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, reading and blogging while having a baby, you have to be very organised. But yes, as long as you're prepared for chaos on some days, it'l probably work out.

I used to read a bit when my sons were small, but not so much as now that they're teenagers.

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful interview of Serena!

I love the name of Serena's blog and how she chose it. I think it's inspired and not at all boring.

I, too, enjoy writing and blogging makes me write at least a little bit everyday.

Serena, my husband doesn't read my blog either despite professing interest in it :o)

You included a beautiful photo of Serena's family!

Thank you Guatami and Serena! Your interviews are fantastic!

rhapsodyinbooks said...

The picture is so wonderful! And I love the line about creation dripping like espresso - so easy to picture, like a good line of poetry should be! :--)

Serena said...

Adam: I still have not read Rushdie, though a couple of his books are on my to-read list.

Lees: I am enjoying her quiet moments with reading....I'm sure those won't last since she could be crawling any day.

Amy: thanks for checkingout my interview.

Jill: thanks for the compliment about the poem...at least someone read it. LOL

gautami tripathy said...

Serena, I read the poem so many times. I can totally connect with that. Sometimes the words want to come out but can't. Your poetry flowed very well for me!

gautami tripathy said...

Adam, Rushdie is not for everyone. I could read only two of his books...

Anna said...

Great interview! Serena's done a great job keeping up with the blog and juggling motherhood and work at the same time. I, too, wish the Virtual Poetry Circles would generate more discussion; Serena does such a great job spreading the word about poetry!

Florinda said...

Great interview - you and Serena were an ideal swap, since you're both poets! I've been lucky enough to meet her in person, and she's just as awesome in real life :-).

Brimful Curiosities said...

Enjoyed the interview. Yes, having a child does change things but I don't think it makes blogging more difficult, you just have different priorities. I started blogging after having my second child. Just needed something different to do once and awhile to stay sane. Funny her husband doesn't really read her blog. Mine doesn't either. He just shakes his head whenever the topic is mentioned.

Serena said...

Gautami: Thanks. I appreciate that you liked it.

Anna: I hope this will help generate greater discussion in the Virtual Poetry Circles.

Florinda: Thanks for that compliment...you are just as lovely as your blog as well.

Brimful: He doesn't shake his head, he just doesn't read it. But then he doesn't read books either, so there you go.

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of her family. I laughed when she said she set up an e-mail subscription to her blog for her husband. I am pretty sure my husband never bothers to read my blog!

Nise' said...

Great interview ladies!

My husband is glad I have a blog, because he does not have to listen to me talk, talk and talk some more about books. I don't think he reads it ;o)

gautami tripathy said...

I see that no one's husband reads their blog. I am glad I don't have a husband!! Hahahahahaha

Erin said...

Nice interview! My family is about the same when it comes to reading my blog. I really enjoyed the poem, especially that last line.

Maria Grazia said...

I especially loved the poem and the pic at the end. Book bloggers are very special people. These interviews are all so interesting! Well done!

Serena said...

Lola: how else would I get him to look at the blog unless I set up the subscription myself. LOL

nise: yeah, I think most husbands think that way...someone else gets to listen to all our talk about books.

gautami: now that you said that, watch out that husband could be around the corner.

Erin, thanks for checking out the poem.

maria: thanks for reading the interview and the compliment about the poem.

Marce said...

Congrats on the baby, they do change life but seems you have a system and great plan in place.

I have always liked your blog name

Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

Oh lovely interview and a seriously adorable family picture!! Babies do change everything for SURE! I found my way to blogging after my son was born since I was home a lot with a little guy who loved to have me read to him. We'll see how things go after #2 arrives!

Serena said...

Marce: some days I do have a good system in place, but other days it all falls apart...just got to roll with the punches.

Pam: I hope you continue blogging even after #2 arrives.

Melody said...

Great interview! I enjoy reading both your and Serena's blogs and I think it's great that both of you paired up for this interview considering both of you are poets. :)

Keep up the great work, Gautami and Serena!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely family photo!

Shelleyrae @ book'd Out

Serena said...

Melody and Bookout: thanks for stopping by to check out the interview.

Leslie @ This is the Refrain said...

I love that Serena shared a poem! How very brave and beautiful! I also love that picture of the family... so gorgeous!

Serena said...

Lu: Thanks for stopping by to check out the interview.