Thursday, March 13, 2008

Circle of Three by Patricia Gaffney

Circle of Three is one of the three novels in one FAT volume. I say fat becos, this in itself is 421 pages. I started it on Friday and managed to finish it a while back. It took me a while as I had to evaluate answersheets in the midst of it all, i.e, blogging, writing poetry, reading. You get the gist?

Circle of Three is about Carrie Van Allen, her mother, Dana Danziger and her teenage daughter, Ruth. It begins with the death of Carrie's husband, Stephen. It is very sudden and Carrie has to come into terms with it. She realises that love between them had died long time and she is filled with guilt. She goes into a limbo for a while but comes out of it for her daughter, Ruth. Her mother, Dana loves both Carrie and Ruth and is well meaning interfering woman.

Carrie gets a job but she is an artist in her own right who has never tapped it fully. Her childhood friend, Jess Deeping offers her one where she has to cut out and paint animals for a religious group called arkists which is a building a replica of Noah's Ark. She takes it on and is happy doing it. She tries to rebuild her bonds with Ruth, who although not very close to her father, misses him terribly.

Carrie and Ruth have a misunderstanding and Ruth runs away from home. And that helps in rebuilding bonds between Dana and Carrie. The interactions bettween the three women is amazing and slowly their affection shows through, despite arguments.

Every chapter is written from the perspective of all the three generation of women, moving in a smooth manner. It does not repeat at any place.However, it could have been a bit shorter. I liked it in my own fashion. Good for one time read.

Now to get back to poetry writing and after that more evaluation work! How I hate that! More reading for what is left of the Sunday is out of question!