Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Asterix and the Great Crossing by Goscinny and Uderzo

Title: Asterix and the Great Crossing
Author: Goscinny and Uderzo
ISBN: 0340247142
Publisher: Knight books/1979
Pages: 48
Genre: Graphic Novel

I have been an Asterix fan since very long, I think, from my school days. I have read most of the series although I do not recall much of it. Those were known as comic books and now are renamed as graphic novels.I picked this out randomly from my collection.

As usual this starts in the tiny village of the Gauls. Hygienix, the fish monger is selling bad fishes. Vitalstatistix, the chief of the tribe protests. Then there is a free for all fight. The druid needs fresh fish. So Asterix and his friend, Obelix volunteer to go and then they get lost in the sea. They meet pirates who offer them food.

Their boat is destroyed and with the help of a branch they land up in a village which consists of another tribe, maybe Iberians or Cretans. The people are so taken in by the two that the chief offers his daughter for marriage with Obelix. Therefore, they run away in the dead of night in a leaky Boat! Again they are caught by people who they think, are Romans. Just before they are to be sacrificed, one of the slaves is a Gaul and tells thm about the plan. So they run away, again in boat and are welcomed by their village, minus the fish! Back to their old ways of eating, fighting and merry-making until the next encounter with Romans!

Reading Asterix series is a pleasure. There is satire, wit and humour. The visuals are all very good and the characters are so lovable. Asterix, Obelix and their dog, Dogmatix are inseparable. Not to be missed at any cost. Not only this but any of the series!