Thursday, February 21, 2008

Booking through Format

All other things (like price and storage space) being equal, given a choice in a perfect world, would you rather have paperbacks in your library? Or hardcovers? And why?

Given the preference, I would go for paperbacks. Those are easy to carry and lighter in weight. When I read a hardcover, my arms ache by the sheer weight of it. I know Hardcovers preserve well. However, paperbacks give us a certain flexibility.
I can read paperbacks any place, that is, even in bed.

Frankly, now my library is mix of both. I have old leather bound hardcovers which are priceless. I have inherited these books from my maternal grandfather. Even though yellowing, those smell great too. I buy hardcovers of those books, which I want to keep forever.

I go for paperback editions simply because they cost less, as of now. As we book lovers know, we have to go for the practical aspects too.