Tuesday, February 5, 2008

10 signs that I have written a book

Kristin Gorski of "Write now is good" has tagged me for this.

10 signs that I have written a book:

1). It is set in, of all places, Australia. Frankly I don't know, why. I have never been there. However, I would like to write a book set in Australia.

2). It is about a man lost in the forests trying to find his way out. He can talk to animals and commune with trees. He is not your macho man.

3). No fairy tale like endings. Our man will cry when he is hurt.

4). There is lot of internal dialogues. Symbolism is must.

5). It would be a third person account. I cannot write in first person.

6). Poetry from many great poets would be quoted along with my own poetry. After all, I am basically a poet.

7). Our man eventually will find a village hidden under the earth. He will be the saviour of those who dwell in the dark recesses of earth.

8). Death is inevitable. Practical. Natural.

9). My characters would have interesting names. Like Omigi Sinkuba, Sistipu Dombilo or something like that.

10). It won't have explicit sex scenes. Those are implied, not shown. So when you read it, it would all be in your mind.

11). (I couldn't resist this) It would be grabbed as soon as it is published!

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