Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Snapshot: Totally a Saree week!




Mad, mad, mad days! Don't know what to do! However, we are going to have 5 days autumn break. Much needed one! I will do nothing! Sleep, eat, rest! That's my plan...

I might go Puja Pandal hopping, or do some saree shopping. With my bestie, Mamta Jain! And of course, mom!

This grey Pasapalli belongs to my mom. She has draped it many a times. I have paired it with a red Sambalpuri Ikat blouse. Grey is the colour of Fifth day of Navratri..

All pics taken by my mom. And mind you, I am a very serious person.....!




How does one define busy days? When you don't know one ting from the other. It gets so hectic that you forget what you have been doing. That's what happened to me today. I was doing everything mechanically......

Sometimes, we have to do more than what ought to be. Then, we run out of time and race against it. I know I badly need a break. But that is not possible for a while now. I have to do census work along with my regular teaching. That means, I will be busy even after the work day gets over. 

And then there are some who think teachers have everything easy. For them I say, try teaching a class of 70-100. Having four periods a day where each one is of 70 minutes duration. In the so called free periods, check the notebooks, distribute mid day meal, meet parents and distribute funds for uniform and books. Don't forget other funds like minority, and reserved category scholarships. 

I have only enumerated the important aspects. One can't even imagine the pressure we are in....does anyone care? 

Draped this green Kota silk cotton saree with a matching two by two rubia blouse. Perfect colour for the 4th day of Navratri. It is a repeat in the pact. Accessorized it with a string of beads, gifted by one of my colleagues, Sunita Bharti.

My designated official photographer of the day did not let me down! So the funny poses, at her behest!




Once upon a time, I used to fast during the Navratris. I mean, no cereals, no pulses and and big no no for certain vegetables. It led to eating all kinds of "allowed" stuff. And I ended up eating more than the usual. So one fine day, I snapped out of it. What use is fasting if I think of food whole day long?

I told Durga maa the same and stopped fasting. She has no issues with that and loves me the as only a mother can love her child. Now I do the regular puja each morning. And then go about my life. Like every year, this year too, I shall be visiting the Puja pandals, starting from Anand mela. I, so look forward to it!

This mustard tangail silk saree belonged to my youngest SIL. As she no longer drapes sarees, she gave it to me. I have paired with a turquoise two by two rubia blouse. Does anyone wear such blouses any more?

I think this saree nicely follows the colour code of third day of Navratri, this year...

Such a busy time in school but my official photographer did not let me down. She takes my pics even when I am half dead, about to drop flat on the ground!




When I joined the teaching profession, I was in a good place in my mind. Teaching, interacting, counselling are mandatory aspects. So is marking papers, which we absolutely loath to do!

I finished marking 125 papers of Class 12. Question paper is of 100 marks, so you can imagine how much time I had to devote to each answer sheet. Initially it takes around 50 min for each and subsequently the time lessens as we get used to the questions and of course the answers. We come down to 15 min per sheet.

When the evaluation part gets over, we are like...ah...freedom! Until then, we keep asking our many have you done? We envy the person whose work finishes first! 

So now what? Census work looms large.......

I was looking for a Royal Blue saree. Couldn't find one in cotton. Decided to wear this printed Garden Vareli marble chiffon saree with a newly stitched blue handloom blouse. 

I am tired but so what? 




A post graduate in Chemistry, I started my teaching career with Math. Taught it to middle and secondary classes for many years. Now teaching English to class 12 for the last three years. Yes, I am a post graduate in English too. 

Life has been interesting. From pure sciences to pure maths and then to literature. I am a poet too. Writen more than 2000 poems in English. Published in Ezines. I also read like crazy and write book reviews. I have two very popular blogs, one for poetry, other for book reviews. 

When I hear people say, we don't have time, I don't believe that. The problem is, Time Management. I have succeeded doing that fairly well. I have set time slots for each of my interests and try to stick to that. And if I am unable to do that, I don't beat myself. I simply carry it over. 

Life throws many surprises and we have to accept that and welcome those. 

This Sambalpuri is very old, belongs to my mom. Has tiny cheques. I have always loved it. Paired with a printed blouse. It is some random fabric bought from local market. I liked it and got a blouse made out of it.

No accessories. Right now, no time nor interest....




When I woke up in the morning, my first thought was to visit the Sri Jagannath Temple in Hauz Khas. Before I could even voice it to my mom, she got a call from my brother asking her if we would like to visit the temple with them. My mom agreed without even asking me. What do you call it, ESP? From all involved? 

We reached well in time for the Darshan and the subsequent Bhog. It being the last day of Pitrishraadh, the temple was crowded. Yet there was no chaos and it was pleasure to go there with my brother and his family. 

And it was another opportunity to drape a saree. I repeated this Kargil saree but tying it differently. I made a knot of the aanchal on my left shoulder and my hands were free. I repeated the same Ikat blousethat I had worn with this saree. Come to think of it, my mom too repeated the same saree that she had draped when I had draped the Kargil saree. My SIL was dressed in a Sambalpuri Salwar suit. Ethnic, are we?

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Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Thanks for sharing the gorgeous sarees and your thoughts about life and teaching.

I really love the green one, and you were modeling it like a pro. Thanks for visiting my blog.

grammajudyb said...

Lovely lovely sarees and lovely ladies modeling them. Thanks for sharing these beautiful outfits. (if that is proper termanology).

Indrani said...

Amazing saree collection you have!

Allison said...

Despite being busy and tired, you look very happy! Our fall break was only two days, but I enjoyed getting paperwork caught up.

My favorite saurees were the dark green and the orange. Thanks for modeling them.