Friday, April 25, 2014

Book Beginnings/Friday 56: Never Too Late by Amara Royce

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If she hadn’t been dusting the reading nook so beloved by customers, young and old, Mrs.Honoria Duchamp, owner and proprietress of Evans Books, would not have heard the cruel comments about her from some society mum shepherding her daughter to matrimonial slaughter. 

Now it echoed in her mind: “Did you see that woman, Margaret? Did you? Take a close look at her and at this cramped, suffocating little shop. This is the best you can hope for if you don’t marry well. Do you think that shriveled-up mouse of a woman wanted this menial life?” 

The mother’s sharp voice had grown shrill toward the end of this little speech. It just goes to show, she thought, nothing good can come of dusting.


She stared back into his eyes and nodded. “Sometimes we have no choice but to sacrifice ourselves for our families, for the greater good.”

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Never Too Late by Amara Royce

Honoria Duchamp is a widow owning a bookstore. She is 40 years of age. Lord Devlin is in his mid 20s. He comes to her shop to "investigate" her role as pamphlets containing “incendiary materials” have surfaced and she is believed to be the source. He falls for her and wishes to marry her. But Honoria knows nothing can come out of it.
Nora, the heroine, is in trade, and no, she is not some heiress or inherits loads from a relative from a long lost relation. Alex isn't just some bored Duke, but a Viscount who loves his family and does everything he has to do to protect his brother and mother. Alex's attraction to Nora is genuine and he is the one who keeps pursuing the possibility of a relationship. He is not a rake, or a roguewho needs to be needed to be reformed.  Even though he's only 26, he knows he has something special with her and isn't willing to give it up.
Lord Devlin's mother is not averse to their relationship. I liked the way she encourages "Nora" to go for Lord Devlin. The story line is unconventional and I liked that. Nora is a do gooder for social causes.


Juli Rahel said...

To be honest, I'd love to be a widow running a bookshop. Well, not that I want to lose the man I might one day marry, but owning a bookstore is awesome. But I love the F56, it's so true and yet destructive to lives.
Thanks for sharing :) I hope you have a great weekend!
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Sandra Nachlinger said...

The book's opening and your Page 56 selection both appealed to me. I like the characters -- not stereotypical at all -- and the plot sounds like it has lots of possibilities. Sounds like a good story.
Here's the link to my Friday post: RESCUE MY HEART.

JC Jones said...

Sounds like a very nice story. There is nothing wrong with owning a books store. My Post

Elizabeth said...

I would love to own a bookstore.

That conversation was pretty cruel, though. I would have been quite upset to overhear it. :)

THANKS for sharing.

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fredamans said...

Sounds like her mom is a hard woman to live with. That 56 makes me wonder if she loves another....

Happy weekend!