Monday, May 6, 2013

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I received a thin book, thanks to the publicist and bought two non-fiction books online:

1) Short Stories on Motherhood by Sue Oaks:

Five short stories that transport you to often surprising aspects of motherhood.

A mother fights selfishly with her daughter's lover, watching the curry stain on her lip quiver with rage ... A woman returns to the lake where memories of her childhood createpple across floorboards as labor contractions build ... A totem tennis pole becomes the a vivid contrast to the present ... A woman, alone aside from her cat, watches the shadows ri final stand for a housewife ... A train trip provides a powerful opportunity for a different life.

Each of them detailed and beatifuly scripted, with descriptions that infuse the scene in your mind and linguistically relax and tantilise.

2) India's Biggest Cover up by Anuj Dhar:  India's biggest cover-up is an investigative insight into the Netaji mystery and its stranger than fiction subplots. Relying heavily on official records bulk of them still security classified in violation of democratic norms the book uncovers a systematic obstruction of justice by the Government of India. First for any book in India, the narrative has been augmented with the excerpts and images of still secret records. Archival material and information obtained under the freedom of information acts of India, the US and the UK has also been made use of.

Anuj Dhar who has spent more than a decade in trying to make sense of the waxed issue, takes you through a maze of intrigues involving some of the biggest names before outlining measures to incontestably resolve what has been the longest-running among the controversies of modern India. And the most explosive too, you will now believe.

3) Himalayan Blunder: The angry truth about India?s most crushing military disaster: Brig. J P Dalvi: It is retelling of the Sino-Indian war that took place in 1962 - a war that India lost. Dalvi fought the war as the Commander of the 7th Infantry Brigade in NEFA (North-East Frontier Agency).

His account of the war is graphic and telling. He was captured by the Chinese forces and held for seven months. As a participant of the war, he was privy to all that went on at the battlefield as well as behind the scenes. Based on his firsthand experiences, he recounts the events that occurred between September 8, 1962 and October 20, 1962.

As early as 1951, China silently and steadily began to work its way onto Indian soil. Even in the face of indisputable evidence, India insisted on maintaining cordial relations with the Chinese. China seemed only too happy to play along.

Dalvi narrates the manner in which India’s own political leadership traitorously worked against its cause. In no uncertain terms, he holds three men responsible for India’s defeat - Jawaharlal Nehru, Krishna Menon, and General Brij Mohan Kaul.

Issuing orders from Delhi, they seemed to be clueless about the situation on the battlefield. Undoubtedly, when they were rushed into battle, the Indian soldiers - underfed, ill-equipped, and unprepared as they were - never stood a chance against the powerful Chinese army. Regardless of that, the soldiers fought bravely and laid down their lives for their homeland.

Dalvi claims that the apathy and the sheer ineptitude of those at the helm of India’s political affairs sacrificed hundreds of valuable lives. Brigadier Dalvi’s detailed narrative of the massacre of the Indian soldiers, a horror that he witnessed firsthand, is heart-rending.


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I finished reading

The Meaning Of Me: A book of poetry  by emmett wheatfall

Midst of reading:

Many books!


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I bought two non-fiction books recently. You can see those above! Both are about India, secrets and blunders


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Enjoy all your books.

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That are some serious books you have there. No wonder you are going slow :) they look interesting though. Have a great week!

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I don't read as much non-fiction as I should! Hope you get through some of your books.

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Lots of controversial books for you this week! Interesting.

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Interesting books! Enjoy them and have a great week!

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I have been following the conflict with China closely. I was wondering what would eventually happen if the Chinese did not withdraw specially since India did not want it to become confrontational. Your books look so interesting.

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Don't worry about going slow, with books like the ones you read, you can't go fast. Thanks for stopping by,
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I"m glad I'm not the only one who gets into non-fiction now and then. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
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Short Stories on Motherhood sounds wonderful.

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