Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday: Mailbox/What am I reading?/Musing

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My luck is wearing thin. No one wants to send books to me anymore!! I too have not been buying much. I need to change all that! But I did receive an e-book, thanks to the author:

The Cuckoos of Batch Magna by Peter Maughan

When Sir Humphrey Myles Pinkerton Strange, 8th baronet and huntin’ shootin’ and fishin’ squire of Batch Magna, departs this world for the Upper House (as he had long, vaguely, thought of it,  where God no doubt presides in ermine over a Heaven as reassuringly familiar as White’s or Boodle’s), what’s left of his estate passes to distant relative Humph, a short-order cook from the Bronx.

Sir Humphrey Franklin T Strange, 9th baronet, and squire of Batch Magna, as Humph now most remarkably finds himself to be, is persuaded by his Uncle Frank, a small time Wall Street broker with an eye on the big time, to make a killing by transforming the sleepy backwater into a theme-park image of rural England – a vocational paradise for free-spending US millionaires. 

But while the village pub and shop, with the lure of the dollar in their eyes, put out the Stars and Stripes in welcome, the tenants of the estate’s dilapidated houseboats are above any consideration of filthy lucre and stand their ground for tradition’s sake … and because they consider eviction notices not to be cricket. 

Each disgruntled faction sees the other as the unwelcome Cuckoo in the family nest.

So, led by randy pulp-crime writer Phineas Cook and Lt-Commander James Cunningham DSO, DSC and Bar, RN (ret) – a man with a glass eye for each day of the week, painted with scenes from famous British naval victories and landscapes that speak of England – the motley crew run up the Union Jack and battle ensigns and prepare to engage. 


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I am still reading two non fiction books about India. I am not going to finish those any time soon

1) Himalayan Blunder
2) India's Biggest Cover-up

I plan to read a few Crime Fiction and poetry in the coming week.


Musing Mondays asks you to muse about one of the following each week…

• Do you have a bookish rant? Something about books or reading (or the industry) that gets your ire up? Share it with us!

I have been book blogging for the last 7 years. I get almost all the review copies from US/UK publishers or authors. Indian publishers/authors are not keen on sending me review copies. That kinda gets my ire. Why do they need well known reviewers or critics? Why not book bloggers? They are yet to wake up to the power of the book blogger!!

Until then, it is their BIG loss!!


Jenn said...

Oh, I want to read books about India, too!

My musing is HERE.

Mystica said...

I like your book read for this weeks' mailbox. Sounds like a lot of fun. Agree wholeheartedly about the publishers! they haven't lost the colonial attitude obviously!

Unknown said...

Crime fiction, eh? I love crime fiction. Any books you're considering to get started on? Enjoy reading!

Here's what I'm reading this week.

Yvonne said...

I love crime fiction. Enjoy your books!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I think your rant is a valid rant. Why not?

(Maybe someone is listening right now!)

Here's my It's Monday!

Elizabeth said...

The book you received sounds good. I love the title. ENJOY!!

Must be slow weeks because everyone is getting ready for the BEA.

Silver's Reviews
My Mailbox Monday

BurtonReview said...

I understand your rant totally!! The book blogger would be a publisher's cheapest way of marketing their book. Silly twits they are.
My memes post is here.

dollycas aka Lori said...

I agree totally with your rant. Enjoy your books!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy! your reading week.

caite said...

Hoping for a change of luck on book receiving.

Mary (Bookfan) said...

I hope it's a good book!

Nise' said...

You are right, it is their loss! I'd rather read the thoughts of everyday readers and not critical reviewers.

JoAnn said...

I agree with your rant... I'd rather have a blogger's opinion over a professional reviewer's any day!

Literary Feline said...

The Cuckoos of Batch Magna sounds really interesting! I look forward to reading your thoughts on it when you review it, Gautami.

I hope that Indian publishers/authors come around soon. Like others have said, I much prefer reading book bloggers' thoughts on books over professional reviews. I know I'd be interested in hearing more about Indian publications, especially from you.

kayerj said...

sounds like an interesting book. OAUpla and