Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly

There it gets a little hinky. At first they put out that he’d been shot because an employee who was on another level of the garage told responding police she had heard two popping sounds, like shots.

Title: The Fifth Witness
Author: Michael Connelly
ISBN: 9781455510313
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing/2011
Pages: 448

Micky Haller known as The Lincoln Lawyer has started to take cases on foreclosure and is successful in that. Mortgage loans bought by third party creditors impacts the home buyers and Haller can help them beat the system by charging a much less fee. One of his clients, Lisa Trammel, is arrested for a murder of a banker and he has to defend her. 

Lisa, a former school teacher, has a small son, her husband has left her. She is leading a protest group, in streets and online too with lots of similarly placed people. Lisa is not a likable person but Micky has to fight for her to save her skin.

I loved the court scenes, the way Haller's mind works and how bigger people involved in foreclosure situation. Everyone wanting a piece of the pie! There are mobsters and Bikers gangs to enhance it. It is one perfect court case legal drama. In this recession hit times, one can understand Lisa's situation and sympathize with her. I think I will pick up more novels with Micky Haller.

I took a long time to finish this novel due to a massive reading slump but was very satisfied with the end result!!


Laura at Library of Clean Reads said...

I love court room dramas but I haven't read any Connelly books. Your review makes me want to read him now.

Nise' said...

Uh oh, I am so tempted to pull this book out and read it. But, I have others I need to get to first.

Mystica said...

I like court scenes myself!

Sara Kovach / Dare to be Different - Teach! said...

A crime/court story. I used to read these all the time. I have not read any lately. This was a great tease.

My tease: http://sosimplesara.blogspot.com/2012/03/teaser-tuesday-9.html

carol said...

I saw the Lincoln Lawyer movie but haven't read any of the books yet. Good teaser.