Saturday, June 4, 2011

TSS/Weekly Geeks: 2011-18: You Decide

Book Bloggers Friends, do participate in WEEKLY GEEKS. It is posted every Saturday. You have one full week to do it. It is one the oldest memes in the book blogging world started by late Dewey. Don't let it fade away. We owe it to her for bringing the book blogging community together. Please do check it out.

This week's Weekly Geeks has two options. You can chose to do any or both. I will do both!

Option 1: Write a post (or leave a comment) with suggestions for future weekly geek topics! Share as many ideas as you'd like! Be as creative as you want. Or if you can't think of any "new" topics of your own, consider listing your top five topics from the past, from our archives.

I suppose we have almost covered everything in Weekly Geeks. Yet there is always scope for more. Here are few of my suggestions:

1) Recommend poetry books to non-poetry readers. You can quote your favourite piece of poetry in your posts. Or if you are not a poetry reader, you can search the net and find out about poets/poetry and tell us here. Geekers are welcome to share their own poetry too. And links of poetry sites!

2) Go out, look around and write a paragraph on what you observe. Consider yourself a writer. Add photographs, if you can

3) Create a Collage on a piece of drawing sheet, about book titles, authors, quotes and post the picture for us. You can hang the Collage in your Room! You will love it.

4) Talk about your favorite book/current read to a complete stranger and tell us your experience. I have done it with mixed reactions!

5) Watch your favourite news channel. And write a Book Title based on that. Of course, you are the author. Tell us about the programme and why you think your title is appropriate.

Option 2: Write a post about your genre prejudices or your genre allergies. (I tend to be allergic to westerns, for example.) Are there genres that you haven't read that you avoid at all costs? Are there genres that you don't take seriously? Would you be willing to try something new? (Or someone new!) Consider asking for recommendations and challenge yourself to get outside your comfort zone a bit. Alternatively, you may want to write a post about one of your favorite genres and recommend titles to newbies. Which books would you recommend to those readers who are new to that genre?

I am allergic to YA fiction, particularly, the fantasy stuff, zombie novels, and paranormal ones. They seem to be repetitive with nothing new in them. I have tried to read a few but I can't get into those. 

I want to read Science Fiction. May I please have some recommendations?

I read a lot of Crime Fiction. Feel free to explore my blog and pick and choose. I only pick the best!


Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

Great answers! I've found my occasional stride with YA, but it has to be very good and very different.

Serena said...

I really like this week's topics...and my post will be up tomorrow. Saturdays are Virtual Poetry Circle days at my blog...

I recommended some poetry-related Weekly Geeks topics too. I like you're topic about telling a stranger about your favorite book and writing about it, though I doubt that I could be that brave. LOL

I don't really have any science fiction recommendations, other than I hear that Orson Scott Card is good...I think that's his name...he wrote the Ender series.

Anonymous said...

I like YA fiction, but not the paranormal stuff I've had enough of that.
I'd like to recommend a YA Science Fiction novel and it has a little romance as well.

Across the Universe by Beth Revis

pussreboots said...

You need to read Connie Willis and China Mieville. Both authors write science fiction in a style reminiscent of the crime fiction you like.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy in college and thought it was great. I also consider The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell a favorite.

I like your idea of telling a stranger about a favorite book. What a fun exercise!