Sunday, June 19, 2011

TSS/Weekly Geeks 2011 - 20: Tech & Reading

Weekly Geeks asks the following. Answer any/or all:

Did you have a hard and fast mindset in regards to your reading a year ago? (paperback, ebooks etc)

Yes. I had not been prepared to read e-books some months back.

Are  you still true to that format?

No. Now I am somewhat flexible. Open for e-books.

If you have tried another format (ebook, audio) – Share your experience?

I don't own an e-reader but I did download Kindle for PC and read a few books on that. I liked the experience.

What was it that made you tried something out of your comfort zone?

I just wanted to check out Kindle so Kindle for PC sound good to me!

If you have not tried another format – Why?


Give a brief over view of where you are at with your reading now, eg, load of paperback lying round, or the out of sight out of mind e-reader putting your mind at each or life as you know it have toss you a curve ball and forced you to think outside of the box?

I am still with paperbooks. And lot of free e books on the Kindle on PC.

How do you feel about different output method now?

I don't feel much different!


Yvonne said...

I never thought I'd enjoy reading ebooks, but I'm addicted to my Nook now. It's kind of fun trying something new.

che said...

I've been reluctant to get myself a Kindle, I'm all about paper books but I think Kindle on PC would be a good way to test the waters. Great blog btw. Following you now.

Erotic Horizon said...

I am a firm convert on ebooks - I am pleased you have at least dip your toes into the ebook world..

Those free book are worth it - I have found a gem or two there myself...

Thanks for taking part this week..