Sunday, February 13, 2011

TSS/Weekly Geeks 2011-6: Love is in the Air/Sharing Poetry With You

Weekly Geeks says that we write anything that has to do with love and has a few suggestions. However, I am not taking any of those. As I am a poet, I would like to share a couple of my poems here. Those are love poetry of sorts:


your green eyes beguile me
with a hint of a smile
vast sea behind you cannot diminish your aura

that mind stretches mine to limits
that voice pushes me beyond me
yet I only see that defined chin

my cerebral nature has turned verbal
intellectual into sensual
I seriously pretend to be casual

I pick up the sensitivity
gently hold it to me
let essence of senses take over me

"the mafia that is you holds me to ransom"

mirror at crossroads

immense resolutions
shimmer in the cauldron
steam arises out of it

I say I want to grow young with you
never old, exploring
everything new that we can

not just each other, but beyond-
the crossroads are my destinations
intersections are yours

with my finger tips
I trace out the steam off the mirror
while you watch the effect of it on me

"are you not pleased that we are both children in that image?"


Rikki said...

I like the first one.
Happy weekend!