Thursday, February 3, 2011

Literary Blog Hop: Setting (time or place)

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This week's question is:

What setting (time or place) from a book or story would you most like to visit? Eudora Welty said that, "Being shown how to locate, to place, any account is what does most toward making us believe it...," so in what location would you most like to hang out?

I have a very short answer for this. Nothing like the present times. I would like to visit the world in its present setting. All parts of it. I wouldn't like to leave any inch of it unseen. We can't go into past and why do we need to jump to the future? Present is what makes us go. 


Pam (@iwriteinbooks) said...

I think, though I know it's impossible, I would like to check out all sorts of different time periods just like I'd like to check out all sorts of different places around the world. I like the new and different and exotic.

Susan (Reading World) said...

You're right that now is a good time to live, at least for some. And there is certainly enough variety in the present to keep a vacationer busy for a lifetime. But I'm still curious about some times and places in the past to want to experience them, too.

Loni said...

This is definitely a wonderful world with too many places I haven't seen yet.

@parridhlantern said...

Taken for granted that in a lot of places It's a wonderful time to live, although not all. Isn't there anywhere/place that lights your curiosity, or poetic sensibility, a hidden corner of some book that would ignite a fresh spark & in doing so send you off on new literary adventures ?

Robyn Ryle said...

Thanks for hopping by. You could certainly spend a lifetime just visiting places in the present.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

I'm afraid I have come to the same conclusion.

Here's my post: