Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 Things Bloggers Should Not Do: Bloggiesta mini-challenge

The mini-challenge is by Word Lily. Here we have to rate ourselves (1 to 5) on the following things bloggers should NOT do. It's from an article at Daily Blog Tips.

You Must Not Expect Results Overnight - 4.5/5 - I have lots of patience for that!

You Must Not Ignore Your Readers - 3/5 - I think I don't pay enough attention to my readers. I would like to interact more by replying back but it doesn't happen.

You Must Not Scrape Another Bloggers Content - 5/5 - Never! Be original, is my motto!

You Must Not Expect Success Without Promoting - 5/5 - I do try to promote my blog by participating in book memes and interacting with the participants.

You Must Not Be Another Blogger - 5/5 - I am very much my own blogger. I keep my reviews simple, my answers to the memes original and I never emulate anyone by joining too many challenges.

You Must Not Fail To Update Your Blog Regularly - 5/5 - I post almost daily. So that is not a problem with me.

You Must Not Ignore SEO (
Search engine optimization) - 3/5 - I try but I don't know too much about that.

You Must Not Ignore Networking - 4/5 - I do interact. By commenting on what I really like about a book blogger.

You Must Not Have An Unreadable/Unnavigable Site - 5/5 - My blog is pretty much user friendly. I don't go for blings or anything like that. Only reading content. NOTHING else!!

You Must Not Throw Mud Around - 5/5 - Never! Live and let live is my motto!

I get a total of  44.5/50=89%, I would say is very good.


Word Lily said...

Sounds like you're doing pretty well, yay!

Marce said...

I agree with your answers for yourself.

What is SEO?

Mason Canyon said...

I agree your doing really well, actually better than you give yourself credit for. My hardest part is having time to visit other blogs as well as respond to my own readers. Doesn't seem to be enough hours. LOL

Thoughts in Progress

Book Bird Dog said...

Same here - not enough time to visit others or to do a Bloggiesta!

Anonymous said...

Good points to reflect on.

Em said...

What is SEO?

Alice Audrey said...

But if the only result you are looking for is a few comments, then it IS possible to get results over night.