Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lethal Experiment by John Locke

"You've been lying in this bed, unresponsive, for..." he consulted a chart. "Three years, two months and five days."
"You'are shitting me."

~Page 169

Title: Lethal Experiment
Author: John Locke
ISBN: 9781440196249
Publisher: iUniverse/2009
Pages: 264

Back cover:

Donovan Creed, former CIA assassin, is a smart-aleck tough guy who can't resist a noble cause. Despite a ton of baggage and a penchant for call girls, he always finds a way to beat the bad guys. In this sequel to Lethal People, Creed is forced to choose between his thriving contract-killer business and his desire to live a normal life with the beautiful Kathleen Gray and her newly-adopted daughter, Addie. Before that can happen, he has to take care of some lethal business involving a former lover. Lethal Experiment is a breezy, fun page-turner, featuring grisly humor, outrageous characters and sexy dialogue.


"Lethal Experiment" is a stand alone novel even though it is the second one of the Donovan Creed storyline.

In "Lethal Experiment", the best question asked is, "Would you take money, in this case $100 large, with the only stipulation that someone would be murdered?" It is a hard question to answer. The offer is great and the temptation is high. What would one do? Donovan Creed has the ability to surprise us all. His ways might be outrageous, but his intentions are good.

The quirky characters grow into us and we look forward to reading all the Creed novels. There are three in all and I have read all. Locke has created a memorable character in the shape of Donovan Creed.


Brooke from The Bluestocking Guide said...

This sounds funny.

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Marce said...

Is this your favourite author? I totally know 3 of his books because of you, I need to read one.

fredamans said...

I hear John Locke and instantly think of Lost. I'd have to check out the first book initially, I prefer to read them in line.


Lisa said...

Sound like something I like to read.

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tweezle said...

Was that said tongue-in-cheek or did someone just come out of a coma? Great teaser!

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Great teaser! So intriguing. Mine is at The Crowded Leaf.

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This definitely sounds like my kind of book! Written it down :)
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Hilarious teaser!

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Love the tone of the teaser.
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I love it! I'm putting this one on my wish list right now. Great teaser!
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