Friday, October 9, 2009

Booking through discussion

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“YOU ask the question”

Each participant could ask a question they’ve wanted to discuss with other readers, e.g., recommendation of a certain author’s best work, or perhaps you LOVE a certain genre or series but no one else you know does and you’d just like to discuss it with someone. Or perhaps you want to try a new genre and would like recommendations from seasoned readers.

George Warwick Deeping (1877–1950) was one prolific English novelist and short story writer. His most famous novel is Sorrell and Son (1925).He was born in Essex into a family of doctors. He studied in Trinity College and finished his medical studies at the Middleton Hospital. After attaining success as a writer, Deeping gave up his job as a doctor and become a full-time writer. He wrote Historical Romances in his initial years of writing.

Deeping is a master storyteller. His words hold interest. He can get into the heart of matter. He seems to be forgotten as of now. He is one author who needs to be re-discovered. His works need to be widely read.

I have read 8 books by him and own 5. Although he wrote more than 60 books, he can't be found anywhere....nor libraries, old bookstores etc etc.

Have you heard of him? Where do I find more of his books?


kayerj said...

sorry, I have never heard of him. Good luck on that. how do you feel about e-readers?

Nise' said...

I have not heard of this author either.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I have never heard of him either! But it seems to be hard to find older books in any event. I think libraries in particular have a hard enough time with their budgets keeping up with getting bestsellers. It's a shame! If I were determining the budget, I'd cut the traffic police and add to the library books! :--)

Sarah said...

Sorry, haven't heard of him, but Abe Books is a great resource for finding second hand books. It's kind of a market place which acts as a conduit for many independent book sellers, so you have a great chance of finding what you want.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of him either. Sorry.

Novroz said...

Sorry...another un-helpful person here

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this author.